Details of designation
  • The value of the Jindo dog, as the traditional cultural legacy of our country has been acknowledged and has been designated as Natural treasure number 53 in the following way.
  • In the year 1936 Kyungsung Chaeguk University (Seoul National University’s predecessor) Professor Mori of Japan received a commission by Chosun Government as senator (視學委員). When he was on an official visit to Chollanamdo Province there was a dog called the Jindo dog in Jindo that was an especially unique to the island. The Professor heard that due to the intelligence of the dog, every year many dogs were sent to the mainland. He took a great interest in the dogs.
  • Therefore in the spring of the next year, 1937, the Japanese professor Mori went to Jindo and finished surveying the area. At that time he received the help of the Jindo Governer Moon Dong-ho. He surveyed Gunnaemyeon and Jisanmyeon’s Jindo dog population and not only did the results show that the Korean traditional Jindo dog’s hunting ability was strong and it had excellent abilities but it was discovered that the pedigree was of pure blood and preserved. Also Mori judged that there was value in preservation and in 1937 at the recommendation of Professor Mori given at the Chosun Treasure of Historic Beauty Natural Treasure senator conference the Jindo dog was named as a Chosun Treasure of Historic Beauty Natural Treasure and a law of preservation was passed in the next year and it was named the Korean Peculiar Pet Treasure Number 3.
  • As a National Treasure the protected Jindo dog was inspected and the indiscriminant shipping of the dog was prohibited. Also in order to stop breeding outside of the pedigree the Education branch of the Chosun Government managed the protection of the Jindo dog. The standard of the Jindo dog’s examination found it to be of medium size among the Japanese native dogs. After due to the new independence gained from the Japanese the interest in the Jindo dog waivered. Also at the start of the Korean War the facts about the Jindo dog were lost and the Jindo dog was near extinction.
  • On February 17, 1952 as President Sigman Rhee was returning from an inspection of the Jeju Island Army Training Center 1 he stoped by Jindo to inspect a site for a new training center. At that time President Rhee heard about the Jindo dog. He ordered protection for the Jindo dog and contributed 5 million Won to the effort. (Managed by the Department of Education)
  • The Chosun Treasure of Historic Beauty Natural Treasure law (Number 961) that was created during Japanese occupation was renewed and announced. The Jindo dog became protected and managed under Korean law on December 3, 1962 and has been so until the present as Natural Treasure Number 53.
  • Also in order to preserve the pure pedigree of the Jindo dog on the national level the Jindo dog-rearing law was established in on January 16, 1967 and on January 28, 1969 was amended for the first time. The law first established then is still applicable in our time and for the world wide protection and rearing of the Jindo dog on August 22, 1997 the second amendment took place and on January 29, 1999 the law was amended a third time.
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