• Standard figure
    Normal Appearance The distinction of sex needs to be clear, average in size, agile, and with balance.
    height Male (♂) 48㎝~53㎝
    Female (♀) 45㎝~50㎝
    Face and head Looking directly at the head, the forehead needs to be large and the distance between the ears should appropriate.
    Face and headFace and head
    ears It ears should be a triangular in shape, leaning slightly forward, symmetrical, and active. ears
    eyes The end of elliptical shape of the eye should be raised at top and its eye color has to be dark brown, transparent and luminary.
    eyes side view
    Nose Black is the established color.
    Back Has to be strong and straight with the front end a little raised.
    Stomach Should not be sagging down.
    Chest The ribs should have elasticity, chest well developed, appropriately deep and not too wide. 
    Legs The front legs should be appropriately spaced and standing erect.
    The hind legs should look as if leaning forward, appropriately spaced, and firmly placed.
    Front legs
    Hind legs
    Tail It should be appropriately thick and firmly erect. The tail touching the shin should be sufficient length.

    Tail        Tail
    Walking The walking and running figure has to be natural and, viewing from the back, the front legs have to be in a straight line. From the side, the back has to be straight.
    Characteristics It must have loyalty, bravery, guard, hunting, homing instinct, integrity, courage and other superior characteristics.
    Fur and color The hair is soft and thick.
    Skin Reddish brown as the principle color, it must no be excessively old.
    Whiskers It should be balanced on both sides, not be disheveled or curled.
    Teeth (tooth) The set of teeth should be fair, strong, and the top and bottom teeth should nicely unite.
    Characterisics The Jindo Dog is courageous, brave, prompt, prudent and not easily tempted.
    It must have loyalty, bravery, guard, hunting, homing instinct, integrity, courage, biyusung and other superior characteristics.
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