Namjin Art Gallery/Memorial
  • Date Chronological History
    1903 Born on April 28 (Lunar Calendar) in Junnam Jindogun Jindoeup Gyodongri
    1914(age 12) Entered Jindo Common School
    1918(age 16) Graduated from Jindo Common School
    1920(age 18) Entered Yang Jung Eui Suk (養正義塾)
    1924(age 22) Selected in the 3rd Chosun Art Exhibition - 隸書 「顔氏家訓」
    1925(age 23) Selected in the 4th Chosun Art Exhibition  - 楷書 「樂志論」
    Graduation from Yangjung High Common School
    1926(age 24) Selected in the 5th Chosun Art Exhibition - 篆書 「唐詩」
    1927(age 25) Selected in the 6th Chosun Art Exhibition - 隸書 「山居幽趣」, 楷書 「嗟爾流俗」
    1928(age 26) Selected in the 7th Chosun Art Exhibition - 楷書 「雪中晏起」, 隸書 「愛吾志盧淸明」
    1929(age 27) Selected in the 8th Chosun Art Exhibition - 「五體書屛」
    January 19, Married to Hong Young Shik’s 3rd daughter Taeheui (台喜)
    1930(age 28) Special selection and selection in the 9th Chosun Art Exhibition - 隸書 「和柳揮」 「集句」
    Noverber, Special Selection, 1st place at 10th Chosun Calligraphy Society Exhibition
    1931(age 29) Special selection and Selection in the 10th Chosun Art Exhibition 草書 「般若心經」, 「十二曲屛」 草書 「格言」
    1932(age 30) Special Selection in 1st Chosun Calligraphy Exhibition
    1933(age 31) Judge in the 2nd Chosun Calligraphy Exhibition
    1934(age 32) Director and Exhibition Judge at Chosun Calligraphy Exhibition
    1943(age 41) 2nd Kyungsung Public High Common School (Present-day Kyoungbuk High School) Teacher
    1944(age 42) Brought the Wondang (院堂) Seahando (歲寒圖) back from Japan during WWII (National Treasure 180)
    1945(age 43) 1st President of the Chosun Calligraphy Ink Stone Conference, Chosun Calligraphy Exhibition Head Judge
    1947(age 45) Appointed as Director of the Jindo Middle School Establishment Foundation
    Vice Chair-person of the Seoul Arts Committee, Seoul University Art Professor
    1949(age 47) Judge at 1st National Korean Art Exhibition
    1951(age 49) Wrote ornamental seal characters on the Lee Choong Mu Gong bronze statue in Jinhae.
    1953(age 51) Judge at 2nd National Korean Art Exhibition, Receives Seoul Cultural Award
    1954(age 52) Judge at 1st National Korean Art Exhibition , 篆書 「AeChakChunSanByung」Entry,
    1st Art Gallery/Memorial Recommended Chairperson (1954~1960), Wrote the Sa Yuk Shin Epitaph 6 Chae (六體)
    (Mixed Korean and Chinese Characters)
    1955(age 53) Judge at 4th Korean Art Exhibition, Entry「磨鐵杵」
    Examiner of teachers for the Education Department, Promoter of Foreign Exhibition of National Treasures
    1956(age 54) Judge at 5th Korean Art Exhibition, Literary Art Entry「Imjiyeomook」
    Correctly wrote Lee Chung Mu Gong Byukpajin Junjubbimoon (Mixed Korean and Chinese Characters)
    1957(age 55) Calligraphy Committee President at 6th Korean Art Exhibition, Entry 行書 「Gokbyeongildae」
    1958(age 56) Judge at 7th Korean Art Exhibition, Elected to the 4th House of Representatives
    1959(age 57) Judge at 8th Korean Art Exhibition, Entry 草書 「Daeyeon, Wrote Euiam Son Byeong Heui’s Epitaph.
    1960(age 58) Calligraphy Committee President at 9th Korean Art Exhibition, literary entry Sangshimraksa」,草書「人言」
    2nd Art Gallery/Memorial Recommended Member (1960~1966)
    1961(age 59) Advisor to the 10th Korean Art Exhibition, 篆書 Entry「Palmayoopoong」
    Korean Art Gallery/Memorial Art Award, Wrote An Jung Geun’s Sungmo Epitaph.
    1962(age 60) Advisor to the 11th Korean Art Exhibition, Entry「Ochaeshipgokbyeong」, Korean Art Committee Director
    Wrote Su Duk Temple’s Iljumoon Hanging Board.
    1963(age 61) Advisor to the 12th Korean Art Exhibition
    1964(age 62) Calligraphy Committee President at 13th Korean Art Exhibition, Entry「Green Nation」
    1965(age 63) Head Judge at 14th Korean National Art Exhibition, Entry「Goinhangeui,
    Elected President of the 4th Korean Art and Culture United Committee, Chairperson to the People’s Culture Promotion Committee
    1966(age 64) Member of the 3rd Art Gallery/Memorial Promotion (1966~1972),
    Reelected President of the 5th Korean Art and Culture United Committee
    Corporate Juridicial Person and Coalition Head Judge for the 5ㆍ16 The People’s Award, Art Gallery/Memorial Vice President
    1967(age 65) Head Judge of the 16th Korean National Art Exhibition, Entry 「行書一對」
    Special Advisor to the President of the Voting Steps Committee, Honorary Professor of Hongik University, Sudo Women’s College of Education Honorary Professor, Wrote the 「Hwarangdae」 for the Sayoldae Army Military Academy.
    1968(age 66) Administration Committee Vice President of the 17th Korean National Art Exhibition, Entry「草書對聯」
    November 21, Republic of Korea National Medal Leader Distinguished Merit
    Korean Literature Award Head Judge, Committee President of the Donga University Sponsored International Art Exhibition
    1969(age 67) 18th Korean National Art Exhibition Council Committee, President of the National Mr. Son Hwasu Conference (8 years)
    1970(age 68) Administration Committee President of the 19th Korean National Art Exhibition, Entry 行書 「對聯」
    Independence Day Korean People’s Medal Mugunghwa Distinguished Merit, May 15th People’s Award Director Coalition Head Judge
    1971(age 69) Administration Committee President of the 20th Korean National Art Exhibition, Entry  篆書 「對聯」
    Elected to the 8th National Assembly
    1972(age 70) Administration Committee President of the 21st Korean National Art Exhibition, Entry 隸書 「傳家有道」
    Administration Committee Vice President of the National Modern Art Gallery/Memorial, 4th Art Gallery/Memorial Recommended Member (1972~1978)
    1973(age 71) Administration Committee President of the 22nd Korean National Art Exhibition, Entry 隸書 「對聯」
    1974(age 72) Administration Committee President of the 23rd Korean National Art Exhibition, Entry 隸書 「筆硏精良人生一樂」
    Wrote the Gwaneumjun Hanging board for Bulguk Temple.
    1975(age 73) Administration Committee President of the 24th Korean National Art Exhibition
    1979(age 77) Life time Member of the Korean Art Gallery/Memorial, Advisor to the Mr. Son Hwasu
    1981(age 79) Passed away in his home in Hongjaedong, Seoul on June 15th at 7:30am in
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