Sojun Art Gallery/Memorial
  • Sojun Art Gallery
    • Next to the Jindogun Government Office building in Jindogun Jindoeup Seongnaeri is the Sojun Art Gallery/Memorial.
      In April of 2003 a 500 million Won remodeling investment, including the construction and de-moisturizing of 4 exhibit halls, a video hall, and offices. On May 31, 2003 the 100 birthday celebration of Sojun was commemorated and the Sojun Art Gallery/Memorial was opened.

      Since Chusa Kim Jung Heui master calligrapher Sojun Son Jae Hyeong’s work and the work of great artist for him have been exhibited, Namdo culture has had a new point of pride.
  • The exhibited works in rotation at the Sojun Art Gallery/Memorial include roughly 300 pieces of work coming from Sojun Son Jae Hyeong’s masterpieces and possessions provided by Sojun’s family’s possession of their father’s life time works and the donated works for him of many other great national artists such as Nonsan Lee Eun Sang Shibimun and more.

    In the first exhibit hall the younger works of Sojun are displayed and in the second exhibition hall there is literary art displayed. In the third exhibition hall are the works of the prime of Sojun’s life and in the fourth exhibition hall the works of Sojun’s followers Yang Ji Ni, Sei Heui Hwan, and Pak Hang Bo are displayed along with the works of great artists such as Euijae Heo Beak Ryun.
  • Location : Junnam Jindogun Jindoeup Seongnaeri 63-1 (map included)
  • Phone Number : Office phone number 061-544-3401, 540-3540
                            Manager Kim Sang Gyum (Cell/Phone Number: 017-651-5082, 061-544-5191)
                            Manager Pak Jang Su (Cell/Phone Number: 011-9924-8282, 061-544-6648)
  • Viewing Time : March until October 09:00~18:00
                         February until November 09:00-17:00
  • Viewing Fee : Children (Single 500, Group 300), Students, Police and Military
                        (Single 1,000, Group 700), Adult (Single 1.500, Group 1,000)
  • Rest Days : Every Monday, Other days specified by the Gun President
  • How to find us
  • How to find us
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