• Greeting! On behalf of the 40,000 Jindo-gun(county) People, I sincerely welcome all of you who are visiting our homepage.
  • Jindo-gun, which has about 230 picturesque archipelagos located off the southwestern tip of the Korean peninsula, is known as the birthplace of the arts and includes poetry, calligraphy, painting and Korean traditional singing called, "Chang"

    In addition, we have well known historic sites of the old battlefields of 'Sambyeolcho' (troops) that fought against the Mongolian invaders and the Myeongryang Sweeping Victory Site of Admiral Yi Sun-sin, which is long remembered as an important sea battle.

    Also, the world famous dog called "Jindotgae", the Chinese Matrimony Vine(Gugija) fruit tea that is said to give us eternal youth, seaweed and laver collected from rocks of uncontaminated seas, and black medical rice and Jindo Hongju (red wine) all add to the significance of this treasured island. In particular, we are happy to announce that the mysterious sea road of Jindo is emerging as a new tourist destination.

    Since we started to have more local autonomy, we have made a point of developing our local city. What's more, our city is being reborn as a place which highlights culture and welcomes sightseeing. With these improvements, we hope to lead this 21st century, so called Century of Culture.

    Therefore, we hope you will have an enjoyable and memorable time during your visit to Jindo-gun. Enjoy its mysterious natural scenery and abundant of traditional cultures, arts, and treasures.

    Thank you.
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