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An exhibition is held for the Jindo dog to inform others about the pedigree protection and excellence of the Jindo dog. Through the exhibition those interested and involved with Jindo dogs can meet to share information and harmonize. It is also a time to advance to a better state of animal culture.


  • Year of Commencement: Every other year since 1977 and recently every year
  • Present status of total Commencements and Management
  • Jindogun : 1st and 6th Conference
  • Jindo dog Co-op: 7th and 12th Conference
  • The Result of the 12th Korean Jindo Dog National Exhibition Commencement
  • Date : 2003. 11. 2
  • Location: Jindo Industrial High School
  • Number of Dogs in Attendence : Total 348 (Local 164, Visitors 184)
  • Numbers of Dogs receiving Awards : Total 34 (Local 17, Visitors 17)
  • Greatest Work : Matiz Car 2 (One awarded to both a local and a visitor)

Exhibition Object and Qualification

  • Object : Original Jindo dog from Jindo decedents
  • Qualifications : Yellow dog, White dog / Adult dogs over 6 months


  • Judge : Public Inspectors : 10
  • Recommended by the Jindo dog Investigation Committee and appointed by the Jindogun President
  • Method of Judging : Recorded inspection according to the standard body figure (According to Rule 8 of the Jindo dog protection and rearing)
  • Inspection : general appearance, head, body, pedigree, characteristics, sanitary management, training, etc.