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Jindo Dog Theme Park

The Jindo Dog Project Office operates three divisions in charge of operation, pedigree management, and theme park and engages in Jindo Dog promotion, research on Jindo Dog (disease, physique, genes, artificial insemination, quarantine for Jindo Dog), Jindo Dog management (breeding demonstration, designation of pedigree stud dog, Jindo dog review), and managerial tasks concerning breeding dogs.

The Jindo Dog Project Office consists of the Jindo Dog Promotion Hall, Jindo Dog Medical Center, and Jindo Dog Breeding Farm. The Breeding Farm is made up of 4 buildings and 57 dog rooms as well as a training center and a park, offering training demonstrations to tourists.

Continuous performance guide

The Jindo Dog Research and Testing Center has 2 responsibilities (Preservation and Development Duties and Research Duties). The work performed at the Jindo Dog Research and Testing Center such as Jindo dog public information, Jindo dog appearance research, Jindo dog disease research, management of male Jindo dogs, artificial fertilization of Jindo dogs, Jindo dog examination to prevent disease, permission of entry and exit for Jindo dogs, meeting to determine good or unsatisfactory Jindo dogs, Jindo dog Research and Testing Center is being driven forward The Jindo dog Research and Testing Center Breeding Center is composed of research facilities, laboratory, skill training center, and park.