Dear Respected Citizens of Jindo-gun (county) and Netizens of the world, Welcome to the Jindo-gun Homepage.

Greetings to you all, from Lee Dong-jin, Mayor of Jindo-gun!

Located in the southernmost end of the Korean Peninsula, Jindo is home to stunning landscapes and beautiful traditional cultures, among others – it is an island where unique treasures abound!

By cultivating the island’s unique, various potentials for growth, we at Jindo-gun plan to work hand-in-hand generating revenues and make Jindo “Happy and Safe for All Citizens.”

I strongly believe that your deep interest and love for Jindo will greatly help our home become a city of the future with new hopes and dreams.

Our Homepage will always be open to all who are interested in Jindo, and we in Jindo-gun will keep our eyes and ears open for your ideas, comments, or feedback.

Thank you.