Story of Jindo dog, the faithful Baekgu

3 year old exhausted Jindo dog protecting the dead master and eating no food or drink after the death of the master
  • Name of dog : Baekgu
  • Age : 3 (male)
  • Date of event : 2002. 8. 26
  • Owner
  • Address : Junnam Jindogun Euishimmyeon Okdaeri
  • Name : Park Whan-su (age during the event:42)
  • Date of death : 2002. 8. 26
The story of the faithful Baekgu
In neighboring village of Junnam Jindogun Eshinmyun Donjiri, famous for the returned Baekgu, another faithful Baeku was found. The 3 years old Baeku touch the hearts of those who had witnessed the dog watching over and protecting the dead masters body. The master died of a fatal liver disease. Mr. Park, who was living a lonely life after divorcing with his wife, lived with the dog, raising the dog like a son. Mr. Park had made arrangements to donate his body to the Jundae hospital medical school, were his disease was being treated, when he died. The people from the hospital, upon hearing of his death, where not able retrieve the body for over three hours due to the dogs loyalty to its master. In the end the body had to be retrieved through a window to a vehicle. The faithful dog showed its loyalty by attacking anyone who came near his master and did not partake of food or drink. Even after the body had been taken away, the dog laid on the masters bed for

The Story of the returned Baekgu

over 3 days without food preventing intruders to enter. The neighbors who had witnessed the event of the dog’s loyalty were moved to tears and considered the dog to be better than human. This Baekgu has once again displayed the superiority of the Jindo dog.
  • Name of dog : Baekgu 1
  • Age : 5 (female)
  • Date of event : October, ‘93
  • Owner
  • Address : Junnam Jindogun Euishimmyeon Donggiri
  • Name : Park Bok-dan (age during the event:77)
Traveling 300km to find its previous master
A white Jindo dog was born in the house of Park Bok-dan, and as a Natural Treasure number 5 modle dog 334, a model display of loyalty and the specialty of housing instinct was shown. At the age of five, in March 1993, it was sold to Daejun. The dog, unable to forget the warmth and love her master and family, wondered 300km to find his master. During the night of October 1993, it returned to its previous master haggard and in skin and bones. The Baekgu traveled 300km from Darjun to Jindo. The white Jindo dog Baekgu, struggled for 7 months wondering from Daejun to Busan, Busan to Gosong, and from Gosong to Haenam, by only following the scent of hometown. The Baekgu died on Febrary 2000, at the age of 13 after living a happy life under the protection of the loving master. The emotional yet exceptionally mysterious return of the Baekgu who had wondered over mountains and seas was admirable.